Forbidden for sell list through Filspay system

The List, mentioned below describes Goods and Services that are forbidden for sell through FILSPay system :

  • sexual services,content,Pornography including devices,CDs,Video Tape.
  • Poker,Gambling and Casino games and websites.
  • Used cosmetics.
  • Counterfeit currency, coins and stamps.
  • Drugs and drug-like substances.
  • Firearms, weapons, guns, knives, pepper spray, replicas and stun guns.
  • Government documents, IDs, licenses, uniform and otehr goods or any police (militia) items.
  • Dangerous and hazardous goods, perishable or restricted items ( for example explosives, radioactive materials, toxic substances, batteries, fireworks, Freon).
  • Human parts and remains.
  • Bulk mailing lists or lists that contain personal data.
  • Offensive Material (items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial or religious intolerance, nazi memorabilia, offensive goods or materials).
  • Stolen property and property with removed serial numbers .
  • Illegal /piracy audio or video recordings.
  • Mod-chips, game emulators, boot disks and devices.
  • Financial or payment instruments, that do not ensure proper legal registration in the operating country.