Frequently Asked Questions

Filspay is a solution for people who want to use micro payments without using visa or master card so there's no chance of anyone to access their financial details. It’s also for people who don’t have credit card. Spending using FilsPay is like spending cash (Digital cash).

Find nearest Filspay retailer to your region. Buy the domination you want. Scratch the card and use it either in your FilsPay account or directly on merchant website.

There are 4 dominations (3 Fils, 10 Fils, 35 Fils and 100 Fils). Each Fils is equal to 1$. (Fils is the currency for FilsPay cards and doesn’t represent the local currency of any country).

If you are paying to a customer that accept Filspay cards directly on his website then you don’t need to register, otherwise, you have to register .

Registration with FilsPay will enable you to pay to more than 22,000 merchants online either directly or indirectly. Directly means using FilsPay cards or FilsPay account directly on merchant website. Indirectly means using one of the FilsPay-like cards sold through control panel ,for example, the merchant accept Ukash vouchers so you can issue ukash from your Filspay control panel and pay to that merchant .

If the merchant accept direct FilsPay voucher topup (FVT) then buy the card or get voucher details from our reseller networks, use the details directly on merchant website. The details required are face value of the voucher, serial number, secret number. If there is a remaining amount of the voucher then a new voucher with remaining value will appear , please save this voucher to use later . If the merchant accepts Filspay account Topup (FAT) then use your FilsPay login credentials (Email and Password) to pay. The amount will be deducted from your balance with FilsPay.

From merchant website choose Filspay Voucher Topup (FVT) ,you will be asked to enter voucher details which are : - Voucher amount (as it's shown on your FilsPay voucher, not how much you wish to pay). - Voucher serial number. - Voucher secret number Notes: - DO enter the value with a dot (.) not a comma (,) e.g. Four dollars and nintey cents should be entered as 4.90 - DO NOT enter the currency. The system will automatically recognize the currency from the Voucher that you enter A new FilsPay voucher will be generated automatically for the 'change' value, the difference between your payment amount and the voucher original value. You should print this screen or write down the new Voucher details (value, Serial number, pin number). Some merchant websites may send the Change details to you by email.

Before spending Filspay, you should check that it's a genuine merchant website. Check that the merchant is listed here. Find out more about protecting yourself from fraud here. If you are still unsure if a site is genuine contact Customer Services.

If your FilsPay card is not working, check these possible reasons first before contacting the Customer support:

- Is the system working ?
If you’re paying to merchant that accept Filspay Voucher Topup (FVT) directly then check the merchant's website regarding system 'downtime'. If this could be a reason try the site again later.
- Is it unused?
You can only use FilsPay once so please ensure that the details you are using haven't been used before.
- Which number?
You should enter the 16-character FilsPay voucher (e.g. fs521778-fs45-66). Please enter all 16 characters without spaces.
- Entering the value (if required)
Enter the value as it's shown on your Filspay voucher. Enter the value with a dot (.) not a comma (,) e.g. Fifteen dollars & ninety nine Cents should be entered as 15.99
- Always enter the value as shown
Even if you are making a part payment it is important that you always enter the Filspay value shown on the voucher, not the value that you wish to pay. The system will automatically create 'Filspay Change voucher' for you.
Do not enter the currency - The system will automatically recognize the currency from the PIN that you enter.

you can get Filspay plastic cards from physical retailers listed here in these countries (clickable) (Malaysia,Oman,Iraq,Saudi arabia,UAE,Algeria,Jordan). In malaysia you can get Filspay voucher online by using 7 popular banks.

FilsPay cards or vouchers can not be refunded.

No. Your Filspay Card is valid lifetime.

Click on personal account and fill the form with three fields (Name, Email address, and your password). Please make sure than that your email address is correct and valid since you will receive an email from Filspay containing a link. Clicking on this link which necessary to confirm your registration, otherwise you will not be able to login and your account is inactive. Once successfully registered and activated, you need to login with your email address and password and you can then use Filspay control panel services.

Most our physical resellers keep the receipt and include the serial number for the cards sold on the receipt. Please send a copy of it with your ID to our customer services, they will send the full details for the lost cards to your email.

Using FilPay account and vouchers is free, we don’t charge our customer.

Anybody can use Filspay, you don't even need a bank account or a card.

Spending Filspay is superfast without bank account or credit card. People don't have to give any financial details and their purchases remain anonymous.

This means that there is already an account registered with your mail address. Please visit Restore Password Page Please enter your email address, and click [Restore password]. An email message containing a link will be sent to your email inbox. Use this link to reset your password, note that this link is valid within one hour. For More information Contact Filspay support.

This means that there is already an account registered with your Mobile Number and you can’t register with this number anymore. For More information Contact Filspay support.

Please make sure you entered each number in its specified field: Serial Number: Printed at the back bottom of your card. Card Number (Pin): Appears after you scratch the card. Please make sure that text direction from left to right. Numbers in English not Arabic. If problem exists please send your card picture, your username, and your mobile number in order to investigate the problem.

This means that card was already used to recharge an account before, and you can’t use it again.

There is no expiry date of your account, and your balance will be intact with no monthly service fees.

Please check your Spam folder or bulk mail section. Some mail service provider considers it as spam and blocks it. If you didn’t find the activation letter please contact us for manual activation of your account.

After you register and activate your account it’s adisable to complete your profile and activate your mobile to increase the limit of using FilsPay account.

Filspay is trying to know who are you for security measures, so it is advisable to verify your account by uploading a copy of your ID (passport or driving license) and any of billing utility showing your address in verification section.

No, you do not earn interest on funds held in your FilsPay personal account.